2021 AAAAI Virtual Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Registration Alert

AAAAI is aware that from time to time companies are claiming to represent AAAAI by offering AAAAI registration services and/or attendee/exhibitor lists through calls, emails or websites. We realize that some of these companies make it difficult to determine whether they represent AAAAI. See below for information on how to avoid these companies and websites.

AAAAI is the only official registration provider for the 2021 AAAAI Virtual Annual Meeting. No other company or travel agency is authorized to register attendees on behalf of the AAAAI, its exhibitors or its sponsors.

To ensure your personal security, we recommend that you make your registration by visiting the AAAAI Annual Meeting website once registration has opened in January. Using internet search engines is not recommended, as they may direct you to incorrect websites and thus compromise your personal security by collecting your personal information and/or charging higher rates for registration.

Valid emails will come from @aaaai.org. Please be aware of any message coming from sources not affiliated with AAAAI. If you are unsure about the source, you can check the email header to make sure it is from AAAAI. Here are some instructions on how to do so: https://www.wikihow.com/Read-Email-Headers. Please remember not to click on any links that look suspicious.

If you are contacted by any organization other than AAAAI, please email the AAAAI Executive Office at annualmeeting@aaaai.org with the details.

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