AAAAI Annual Meeting / WAC 2018


Thank you for joining the faculty for the 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress. These tools and guidelines will help you create a top-notch session at the Congress.

What To Do Now:

  • Complete Your Disclosure: Access the Online Disclosure System [ - open in new window] to provide a current record of your financial and other relationships as soon as possible after accepting your invitation to speak or moderate. Failure to provide this information before the meeting will require that you be removed from the program. Review the National Faculty Education Initiative [ – open in new window] and/or The ABCs of CME [ - open in new window] for more information on the need to disclose and the rules governing conflict of interest in CME.
  • Mark Your Calendar: The Joint Congress will take place March 2-5, 2018. Your invitation included the date and time of your sessions, make note of these now.
  • Review Your Session Details: Get familiar with the learning objectives of your session so that your presentation covers what attendees expect from your session. Also, review the handout on Session Formats [same handout from existing toolkit] so you understand the kind of learning experience your session is intended to provide.

What To Do Next:

  • Communicate with the other faculty in your session. When all speakers and moderators in the session are confirmed the moderators will reach out to schedule a call or start an email discussion with your group. Use this opportunity to coordinate the content and structure of your sessions with your collaborators.
  • Plan your contributions to the session. This planning worksheet [Hyperlink to.pdf document ‘Program Design Worksheets-Jeffrey Cufaude’. OPEN IN NEW PAGE.] may be a helpful tool. The AAAAI's Lifelong Learner Bill of Rights [ – open in new window] describes your learners' expectations for the sessions they attend.
  • If you are speaking, create and upload your handouts and presentations (depending on your session type) by the deadlines outlined on the Joint Congress Faculty Schedule [TBD]. Attendees expect handouts to accompany your presentation as a tool to reinforce their learning. Handouts can contain your slides, a reading list, an outline of your presentation, or any other tool you feel will support your content.
  • Watch your email for updates about the Joint Congress, including your registration confirmation and details about making housing and travel arrangements.

What To Do When You Arrive:

  • As soon as you can after stopping at the registration desk, check in at the Speaker Resource Room. Allow time to review your presentation slides before your session (or upload them if necessary), and rehearse your presentation at the practice station.
  • Arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes before the start time (30 minutes for plenary speakers). Connect with your fellow presenters and moderators and review any final details. Confirm that your presentation is available at the podium.
  • Moderators: Introduce the presenters, keep the session on schedule, and facilitate any question and answer with attendees. Remind attendees to complete session evaluations after the session.
  • Faculty: Provide a verbal disclosure of any relevant relationships that are displayed on your disclosure slide. Keep your presentation within the scheduled time.

Question? Contact the AAAAI education staff at (414) 272-6071 or