AAAAI 2020 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Wellness Activity Descriptions

Rise and Shine Yoga Flow
Join us on the mat to start the day with a bright mind and energized body! Move and breathe to great music during this 60 minute session to open your body, stimulate the mind, and awaken yourself to your best day ever. This class will offer modifications for students of all levels. Beginners welcome!

Breathe to Better Focus
Breathing techniques for increased energy and mental focus.
This 30 minute session is an express train to improved mental clarity and focus! Learn simple techniques that will not only tonify and cleanse the respiratory system, but clear and awaken the mind. The techniques you will learn can be practiced anywhere and anytime you feel the need to recharge your mind.

Breathe Your Way to Ease
Breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.
Do stress and anxiety creep into your day and take over your mind or body? Do they keep you awake at night? Join us for a 30 minute session to learn time-tested, simple and convenient breathing techniques that will reduce your stress and anxiety by restoring a deep sense of calm and quiet to the mind and body!

Chair Yoga for Shoulders and Neck
Chair yoga exercises to relieve stiffness and stress in neck and shoulders.
Do long hours at a desk or in a chair cause you neck and shoulder pain? In this 30 minute session learn simple, yoga-inspired stretches to alleviate stress and tension in your neck and shoulders. Learn to relax your upper body anywhere and anytime to experience deeper breaths with ease, less tension in body and mind, and improved posture and mood!

Chair Yoga for Hips and Thighs
Chair yoga exercises to relieve tightness and improve circulation in hips and thighs.
Do you know that sitting is considered the new smoking? If long hours of sitting increase your experience of low back pain, hip tension, sluggish digestion, and lower energy levels, then this 30 minute session is for you! No matter what kind of chair you spend your time in, these simple yoga-inspired stretches will unwind your body, help support your digestion, soothe your emotions, and brighten your mind.

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