2022 AAAAI Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Wellness Activities

Sunrise Yoga Flow
This mat class will focus on all level yoga flows with many options provided so that the class is inviting and inclusive to all. This class will include sun salutations, warriors, balancing and flow sequences that repeat so that the practitioner may move with their breath and feel into their yoga practice for clarity.

Invigorating Chair Yoga for Upper Body Tension
This no change/no sweat class will focus on yoga flows from the chair that are accessible to all. Attendees will release tension and stress from the neck, shoulders and back with this invigorating class.
Meditation Classes
Rejuvenating Meditation to Increase Energy, Mindfulness Meditation & Visualization to Activate Vitality, Tap Into the Power of Intention, and Compassionate Self-Care Meditation
This is a no change/no sweat class that will focus on the intention of the class (energy, performance, focus, relaxation) through mindfulness meditation techniques such as breath awareness, body scan, intention setting & visualization.
Practical Mindfulness to Manage Daily Stress
This is a no change/no sweat class that will focus on practical mindfulness techniques to effectively manage every day stress. An example of a mindfulness technique would be learning and practicing the S.T.O.P. technique: Stop (when there is a stress trigger), Take a breath, Observe how you feel & where the tension is accumulating in your body, Proceed with your day.

Tap Into the Power of Breathing for Mental Clarity
This is a no change/no sweat class that will focus on the power of breathing to enhance energy, manage stress, and increase focus. An example of this would be teaching and practicing the long exhale breath that is proven to calm the central nervous system because of the focus on a longer exhale than inhale.

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