AAAAI 2020 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

New Paradigms in the Management of Allergic Disease – Focus on Biologics

This year’s clinical theme at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia will focus on biologics. The theme makes up about 20% of the sessions at the Annual Meeting and is chosen based on the needs of the AAAAI membership.

David D. Chaplin, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Chair of the Annual Meeting Program Committee, had this to say about the theme:

“The Annual Meeting theme is suggested by the Office of Medical Education (OME) based on the Needs Assessment they conduct following the previous year’s Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting Program Committee appreciates highly this input and sees it as an opportunity to respond directly to educational needs articulated by the AAAAI membership. This year’s theme, ‘New Paradigms in the Management of Allergic Diseases – Focus on Biologics’, acknowledges that there has been tremendous growth in the availability of biologic agents to treat many types of allergic disease. This growth has created many questions about how to choose which biologic agent will likely be best for individual patients, how they can best be combined with other therapies and how to maximize benefits and minimize adverse effects of these important and powerful new agents.”

Some of the themed sessions this year include:

1207: An Update on Biologic Therapies for Allergic and Immunologic Conditions

1514: Biologic Therapy Throughout Childhood

1519: Team Trivia: Do You Know Your Biologics?

1808: Biologics: Are they Capable of Leading to Remission?

2002: Use of Biologics for Autoinflammatory Syndrome (TICKETED)

2010: Precision Medicine & Primary Immunodeficiency (TICKETED)

2506: Food Immunotherapy & Biologics (TICKETED)

2551: Eosinophil Overrides Immunoglobulin E in Selecting Biologic Therapy

2806: Asthma Biologics During Pregnancy: Safety and Use

3010: Tailoring Therapy to the Patient with Asthma (TICKETED)

3306: Treatment of Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease in the Age of Biologics

3509: Nuts and Bolts of Setting up Your Practice to Administer Biologic Therapies (TICKETED)

4005: The Use of Biologic Therapies for the Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema (TICKETED)

4303: Cost Effectiveness of Biologic Therapy for Asthma

4718: Combining Biologic Therapies: Safe or Effective? (TICKETED)

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