AAAAI 2019 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Press Releases

In an effort to assist members of the press with planning coverage, the AAAAI makes its press releases available in advance of the 2018 Joint Congress. However, each release is strictly embargoed until the date and time stated on it. Direct all questions to Rachel Maidl at (414) 272-6071 or

“Research Suggests Eosinophilic Esophagitis Is a Late Manifestation of the Atopic March”

Based on abstract 274, “Eosinophilic Esophagitis is a Late Manifestation of the Atopic March.”

“Patients with Alpha-Gal Allergy May be Five Times More Likely to Be Allergic to Insects”

Based on abstract 627, “Venom allergy is increased in alpha-gal allergy: shared environmental or immunologic factors?

“Researchers Find Certain Blood Types Protective Against Red Meat Allergy”

Based on abstract 271, “B Antigen Protects Against the Development of α-Gal-mediated Red Meat Allergy.”

“Folic Acid Exposure in Utero is Associated with Development of Food Allergy”

Based on abstract 275, “The Association Between Folate/Folic Acid Metabolites and the Development of Food Allergy (FA) in Children.”

“Patients Taking Lower Maintenance Doses of Peanut Oral Immunotherapy May Still Achieve Desensitization”

Based on abstract 750, “Long Term outcome of Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) in Patients Unable to Reach Maintenance Goal.”

“Cow’s Milk Allergy May Negatively Affect Children’s Growth Through Pre-Teen Years”

Based on abstract 477, “Persistent Cow’s Milk Allergy is Associated with Decreased Growth: A Longitudinal Study.”

“Study Gives Insight into What Triggers Cause Anaphylaxis and How Deadly It Is”

Based on abstract 470, “Characteristics, morbidity, and mortality of anaphylaxis-associated admissions to North American PICUs, 2010-2015.”

“Data from University Allergy Clinic Shows Red Meat Allergy May Be a Growing Issue”

Based on abstract 479, “The Changing Face of Anaphylaxis.”