AAAAI Annual Meeting / WAC 2018

Press Events

2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress Press Conferences

The following press events will take place in the AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress press conference room. This is located in the Orange County Convention Center South Concourse, Level 2, S210E. The speaker lineup is subject to change.

Saturday, March 3

Press Conference One

11:15 am to 12:15 pm ET

“Eosinophilic Esophagitis is a Late Manifestation of the Atopic March” (Abstract 274, pg. AB86)

Presented by David A. Hill, MD, PhD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

“Venom allergy is increased in alpha-gal allergy: shared environmental or immunologic factors?” (Abstract 627, pg. AB199)

Presented by Maya R. Jerath, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Washington University School of Medicine

“B Antigen Protects Against the Development of α-Gal-mediated Red Meat Allergy” (Abstract 271, pg. AB230)

Presented by Jonathan R. Brestoff, MD, PhD, MPH, Washington University School of Medicine


Press Conference Two

1:30 to 2:30 pm ET

“The Association Between Folate/Folic Acid Metabolites and the Development of Food Allergy (FA) in Children” (Abstract 275, pg. AB86)

            Presented by Corinne Keet, MD, MS, PhD, John Hopkins Hospital

“Long Term outcome of Peanut Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) in Patients Unable to Reach Maintenance Goal.” (Abstract 750, pg. AB239)

            Presented by Yitzhak Katz, MD, FAAAAI, Tel-Aviv University

“Persistent Cow’s Milk Allergy is Associated with Decreased Growth: A Longitudinal Study” (Abstract 477, pg. AB150)

            Presented by Corinne Keet, MD, MS, PhD, John Hopkins Hospital


Sunday, March 4

Press Conference Three

11:15 am to 12:15 pm ET

“Characteristics, morbidity, and mortality of anaphylaxis-associated admissions to North American PICUs, 2010-2015” (Abstract 470, pg. AB148)

            Presented by Carla M. Davis, MD, FAAAAI, Baylor College of Medicine

“The Changing Face of Anaphylaxis” (Abstract 479, pg. AB151)

            Presented by Phillip L. Lieberman, MD, FAAAAI, Allergy and Asthma Associates