AAAAI 2019 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Twitter Posts

Do you want your presentation promoted on Twitter? We are asking speakers to come up with five "tweets" to be posted to generate further interest to your sessions, not only to people attending the meeting, but also for patients and others following virtually throughout the world.

"Tweets" are messages limited to 240 characters or less. We need to save the last 20 characters for several things:
1) The hashtag is #AAAAI19.
2) We may also add another # to reference a point in your tweet.  
3) We will reference your session/name.

For example:
Allergic #asthma is an IgE mediated immune response. Check out Session 101 #AAAAI19

The first tweet will be sent out right before your session and should be a message to generate interest for your talk. Label this as number 1. Tweets 2-5 should involve four main points that you wish to convey doing your talk.

Please note: Tweets are for speaker use only. We will not tweet corporate information or advertising.

The deadline to email tweets is January 30.

Email your tweets or questions to