AAAAI 2020 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Faculty Toolkit

Thank you for joining the faculty for the 2020 AAAAI Annual Meeting.

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Faculty – Required Actions

Disclosure Session Details Reimbursement Educational Resources Travel/Housing Email


Session Details





Complete to Speak
All faculty must complete the online disclosure form ASAP after accepting.

Review Key Details
All details of your session(s) are in your faculty corner. The Online Program will be available in September.

Understand the Policy
Carefully review the AAAAI reimbursement policy. If speaking, we will waive your registration fee.

Be Proactive and Prepared
Review the educational resources page to help prepare for the meeting.

Make Arrangements

You are in charge of booking your own airfare and housing. You are welcome to use the AAAAI preferred travel agency, Burkhalter Travel. Their contact information is below. Housing information will be made available in early fall.

Check Often and Respond
Check your email often for important reminders/updates.


You can contact Burkhalter Travel at (800) 556-9286 or email


Onsite Faculty Requirements

Registration Desk Check In Session Location Before Session Introduce Yourself

Go to the Main Registration Desk (Convention Center)

Check In at the Speaker Resource Room (Convention Center)

Find the Location  of Your Session(s)

Arrive 15 Minutes Before Session

Introduce Yourself

Pick up your badge and registration materials.

All faculty are required to check in. Eligible speakers may upload PowerPoint presentations (if not done before the final deadline) at least two hours prior to the session.

Download and review the AAAAI Annual Meeting app ahead of time to identify where you are speaking.

Go directly to the podium/stage so staff and faculty know you have arrived.

Meet the moderator(s)/ speakers(s) and ensure your presentation is at the podium, if eligible.