AAAAI 2019 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

MOC Requirements

The 2019 MOC is still under review and won’t be available until January.

Use the 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress to Fulfill MOC Part II Self-Assessment Requirements

AAAAI members will be able to satisfy Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part II Self-Assessment requirements for free while visiting Atlanta. Pre-planning is necessary to complete this activity for MOC.

AAAAI has created a self-assessment activity that will allow members to earn AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit™ and satisfy MOC Part II Self-Assessment requirements by participating in existing CME offerings provided by the AAAAI.

In 2018, Course 1205: Cross-Cultural Communication Among Allergy/Immunology Providers and Patients, has been approved by the ABAI as both a self-assessment activity and communications module to satisfy the Lifelong Learning requirements of their MOC program. Participation in this course is limited and requires a ticket which can be purchased during registration.

Learn more below and begin the self-assessment activity online here.

How to complete the 2018 Allergy/Immunology Self-Assessment to satisfy MOC requirements:

Before the Virtual Joint Congress:

1. Find your baseline of A/I knowledge. Sign up and complete a baseline assessment of your knowledge and practice efficacy in each of 11 topic areas central to allergy/immunology. The assessment is a 100 question test, split into 11 quizzes. It is available at no charge on the AAAAI Continuing Education Center.

This is a timed exam and is intended to be completed in one sitting without the use of outside resources. You will have a maximum of 10 minutes to complete each quiz; if you do not finish in 10 minutes you will be stopped and instructed to proceed to the next quiz. You will have a maximum of 48 hours from the time you begin the assessment to complete all 11 quizzes.

2. Review feedback. When you complete each section you will receive feedback on which questions you missed. The goal of this activity is to create an accurate measurement of your existing knowledge and practice in each of these areas. There is no penalty for a low score on a section and no way to fail. After receiving your exam results, you will analyze your results to identify areas in which you could benefit from additional study and training.

During the Virtual Joint Congress:

3. Track additional study and training, including sessions you would regularly attend at the  Virtual Joint Congress. As part of the evaluation, you will identify your five lowest scoring categories, select three that you want to address and then identify additional educational opportunities you will complete to address these knowledge and practice gaps. These can include sessions you attended at the 2018 Virtual Joint Congress, journal articles, online courses in the AAAAI Continuing Education Center or other activities related to the areas you identified as your weakest.

After the Virtual Joint Congress:

4. Gain credit. Use the provided tracking document to identify the learning areas you’ve selected and note when they have been completed. Return this tracking document when at least one credit’s worth of continuing education on each of the three chosen topics has been completed.

Participants will receive 5.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for completing this activity, and 5.00 MOC Part II Self-Assessment credits from the American Board of Allergy and Immunology after reporting completion of their learning plans.