AAAAI 2019 Annual Meeting
AAAAI Annual Meeting

Food Allergy: Advances in Prevention and Treatment

The 2019 AAAAI Annual Meeting in San Francisco will focus on one of the most prevalent topics in allergy/immunology: food allergy.

It’s an important topic to AAAAI President Robert A. Wood, MD, FAAAAI. His presidential initiatives center around the theme of optimal care for the food allergic patient with a focus on four key areas of need: a rational approach to treatment, optimizing prevention, making an accurate diagnosis, and best practices for the prevention and treatment of anaphylaxis.

Wood remarked, “The timing is perfect as food allergy is playing an increasingly important role in our specialty and this role will only increase as the disease becomes more prevalent and treatments become available.”

It is likely we will see Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved therapies for peanut allergy in the near future, and research into the prevention of food allergy is growing. The AAAAI is excited to put the spotlight on food allergy in the hopes of expanding knowledge around this subject.

The following sessions will relate to this year’s theme. Themed sessions make up approximately 20% of the sessions at the AAAAI Annual Meeting.


Featured Sessions

Plenary 1601: Optimal Care of the Food Allergic Patient

1806: Food Allergy Prevention: To Screen or Not to Screen, That is the Question

2309: Implementation of Food Immunotherapy into Clinical Practice

4304: Emerging Food Allergy Therapies


Additional Sessions

1206: The Circus Surrounding Peanuts: The Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms Driving Peanut Allergy

1210: Can There Be a Universal Approach to Food Allergy Prevention Guidelines?

2308: The Microbiome in Food Allergy

2402: Oral Food Challenges I

3402: Oral Food Challenges II

2505: Case-Based Learning: Challenges in Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome Management (TICKETED)

3001: Non-IgE-Mediated Food Allergy: A Practical Approach for Recognition and Treatment (TICKETED)

3005: Nutritional Concerns in Children with IgE-Mediated Food Allergies (TICKETED)

3550: Oral Immunotherapy is Essential for Food Allergy Management (Pro/Con Debate)

4003: Management of Food Allergy in a Breastfed Infant (TICKETED)

1513: Clinical Management of Psychosocial Concerns Among Pediatric Patients with Food Allergy and Their Caregivers

1514: Advancing Care for Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy in Schools: Devil in the Details


Allied Health Sessions

1102: Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management

1301: Management Dilemmas and Strategies in Pediatric Food Challenges

2613: Tree Nut Allergy: Clinical Update

3302: Words Will Never Hurt Me: Empowering Food Allergic Patients to Handle Bullying and School Related Problems

3511: Where Are We With Allergy Prevention? (TICKETED)